Visualisation Possibilities

Great real estate deserves to shine!

Photographs and floorplans are no longer the limit thanks to state-of-the-art technology supplied by our partner, Prague-based Fibix Studio. Unlike traditional visutalization methods, Fibix technology makes it possible to explore properties through amazing visuals and even experience the space first-hand with completely interactive walkthroughs, right in your web browser.


  • Images inform, great images impress. Our technology makes great properties truly stand out
  • Focus on your building's highlights and show its most important features, even on a limited budget
  • Our high-quality images are less expensive than the industry average – we don’t have to spend as much time rendering, investing time into the visuals instead!


  • Go one step further and put pictures into motion to show off the space in real-world dynamics
  • Possibilities are endless, with camera angles, lights animation, custom materials, even cars and characters!
  • Save time and money by skipping expensive rendering. Our architectural videos are priced at a fraction of the industry mean


  • Ready for the ultimate in real-estate presentations? Take the control in a Fibix-powered real-time walkthrough
  • Go beyond static images and scripted videos for a true interactive experience – a first in the real-estate market
  • Invite your clients for an interactive visit through their web browser, without spending a fortune on less advanced alternatives

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